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The community cancer program at PVMC provides consultation, treatment and follow-up care by a medical oncologist and certified oncology nurse. The outpatient clinic provides patient education regarding disease and treatment options, up-to-date chemotherapy treatments and symptom management triage. Referrals for specific patient needs are also made to hospital-based resources such as certified nutritionists, physical therapists and social services.

How to Obtain Services

A patient requiring a hematology or oncology consult is usually referred by a primary care physician, although self-referrals are accepted. Patients may also schedule appointments with nurse clinicians for education and resource referrals by calling (303) 498-2200

After evaluation by the physician/nurse, treatment is provided in an up-to-date clinic environment. Patients may watch TV, listen to music, or enjoy the view while waiting for lab work or medication preparation. All chemotherapy treatments are administered in a clinic environment to enhance relaxation.

The PVMC oncology /hematology clinic is unique in the individualized care provided by our physician and nurses. Each patient is recognized as an individual with special needs and time is given to support those needs.

Contact Us

Phone Number: 303-498-2200
Hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday – Friday –24-hour medical on-call services available

Department Contact: Vicki Kennedy, RN, OCN
Clinic Address: 1606 Prairie Center Parkway, Suite 270

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