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Critical Care

We offer one of the most advanced telemetry monitoring programs in the region within a 16-bed Intensive Care and Step Down Unit. Our Step Down Unit is for patients who are too ill to be on a regular Medical Surgical Unit, but are not so ill that they require Intensive Care.

Comfort and Care Top Priority at PVMC

We go to great lengths to bring you quality, personalized care. Your nurse may be your neighbor, or someone you know from the community or from prior trips to the hospital. The personal interactions and friendships built here set us a part from other ICU units in metro area hospitals.

What is Intensive Care?

Intensive Care, Critical Care, or Coronary Care units are all special nursing units for patients experiencing serious illness, medical problems, or those in need of intensive observation. Nurses, doctors, and other staff members specially trained in providing intensive care provide round-the-clock treatment to patients.

Who are the people on the ICU Team?

The ICU team is made up of highly trained doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals.

ICU nurses have specialized training and ongoing education to maintain their skill level. Your ICU nurse usually is assigned 1-3 patients at a time and has constant access to information about them through the monitoring equipment. Tele Techs are the nurse’s assistants in the ICU. The Tele Techs have received special training in patient care procedures, reading the monitors and drawing blood.

Respiratory Therapists are also a part of the ICU team. They monitor and make adjustments to the ventilator and are involved in treatments to make it easier for our patients to breathe.

Social Workers and our Care Coordination Team help you obtain lodging, discuss financial resources, and assist in making plans for when your friend or relative can be discharged.

Our Chaplain offers emotional and spiritual support for patients and their families.

Pharmacists provide patient medications and provide the team with information and instructions about medications.

Physical Therapists assist in the patient’s rehabilitation as soon as they are stable.

Dieticians monitor the nutrition level of the patient. They provide information on appropriate diet, tube feedings, or IV nutrition. They also will provide information to patients and their families about diet instructions after patients go home.

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