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PVMC Responds to Agency Nurse ID Theft

Date: 06/16/11

Platte Valley Medical Center (PVMC) has undertaken an internal investigation into alleged identity theft by a former contract agency nurse who was engaged by PVMC from May 2010 to January 13, 2011.  He was terminated by the hospital on that date for cause.  That cause is unrelated to the alleged identity theft. PVMC’s current response follows the recent indictment of the former contract nurse by authorities on various counts of identify theft at five Denver area hospitals, including PVMC.

In addition to its thorough investigation, Platte Valley Medical Center has reached out to patients whose information may have been compromised during this suspect’s brief time at the hospital.

If any patients believe their private information may have been compromised, or if they have any questions about the security of their patient information, PVMC urges them to contact its Compliance Department directly at 303-498-3618 or gfanselau@pvmc.org .

Platte Valley Medical Center places the highest value on quality patient care and the protection of every patient’s private information. PVMC has fully cooperated with appropriate law enforcement agencies.  We are outraged that an individual would violate the longstanding trust that Platte Valley Medical Center has established with its patients.

PVMC has contacted 76 patients to let them know their personal information was inappropriately accessed by this agency nurse (see patient letter) . In addition, we have notified all 142 patients he treated during his limited shifts at PVMC (see patient letter) . The Medical Center also engaged IT professional consultants who assisted in the investigation.

Platte Valley Medical Center has strict standards for the protection of personal information.  These safe safeguards include:

> PVMC employs a full-time Privacy Officer and Security Officer whose responsibility is to monitor, track, and secure patient privacy.

> All members of the hospital staff are held accountable for compliance with stringent Federal HIPAA laws.

> Every member of our staff participates in annual competency training to keep their patient privacy skills current.

> All computers in public areas of the hospital are equipped with security screens.

> Printed records are shredded regularly and securely disposed of.

> Medical records are never left unattended in unsecured areas.

>  All computer systems containing patient records automatically logout the user when a workstation is unattended.
PVMC also implemented one of the nation’s most advanced Electronic Medical Records systems this year to further protect and enhance our patients’ privacy and security.
The mission of Platte Valley Medical Center is to foster optimal health for all. Platte Valley Medical Center is a Joint Commission National Top Performing Hospital and one of the few remaining community-owned, nonprofit hospitals in Colorado, governed by a community board where decisions are made at a local level.

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