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Platte Valley Medical Center is an excellent place to work with a proven success of hiring and retaining quality employees. In fact, the turnover rate among staff is significantly lower than that of Denver metro area healthcare facilities. In 2013, PVMC’s overall employee turnover rate was only 7.8% compared to a Denver Metro area healthcare turnover rate of 16.7%.

A Culture of Excellence and Care
Platte Valley Medical Center is proud of our Planetree Designation which represents the highest level of evidence based achievement in patient/person-centered care.  All employees at Platte Valley Medical Center commit to the PVMC Behavior Standards that help to sustain our culture of excellence.  PVMC is Brighton’s third largest employer with 605 staff and we recognize and value that one of our greatest strengths continues to derive from the friendships and alliances found throughout the Hospital.

A Culture of Safety
With clinical staff comprising 60% of our employee base, we have adopted a nationally recognized teamwork system to improve patient safety, communication, and leadership skills. This evidence-based program, Team Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety (Team-STEPPS), is designed for health care professionals and is scientifically rooted in more than 20 years of research and lessons from the application of teamwork principles.

Employee Satisfaction
Every other year, our employees participate in a staff satisfaction survey. In 2012, PVMC’s ratings improved in every area—work life, leadership, mission, quality and safety—with 40 out of 41 metrics scoring higher (17% higher, on average) than in our 2010 survey.

About the Area


Brighton, Colorado is a rapidly growing, friendly community of over 34,000 and has been named one of the seven most notable high-growth places in the United States. Brighton retains traces of its earliest pioneers – Japanese and Hispanic settlers – as well as the farmers, rail barons and retail pioneers who envisioned a little city in this valley on the plains.

Today, its historic downtown is being reborn to provide the backbone for residents and entrepreneurs yet to come. The rich remnants of Brighton’s agricultural heritage are braided into lively brand new neighborhoods that contain the kinds of stores and services city dwellers demand. There’s also much more in store for newcomers who discover the small-town friendliness and easy way of life in this city on the move. Positioned east of I-25, along the Hwy 85 and I-76 corridors, Brighton enjoys fabulous panoramic views of the Front Range Rocky Mountains and over 300 days of sunshine each year. Outstanding recreation includes biking, hiking, skiing, fishing, picnicking, as well as school and club sports (i.e. hockey, baseball, soccer, volleyball, basketball and track). If your extracurricular interests include the arts or sporting events, a myriad of entertainment opportunities are minutes away.

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