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Board of Directors


back row:  Shawn Dufford, M.D.  |  Rich Gonzales  |  Eric Robbins, M.D.  |  Shawn Wiant
John Hicks  |  Michelle LeBlanc-Gross  |  Michael A. Dolan

front row:  Bruce Walker, M.D.  |  John Rhoades  |  Faye Hummel, Ph.D  |  Heidi Storz
Sonya Norman, M.D.  |  Patricia Murray  |  Jeffrey Sippel, M.D.  |  Michael Taylor

not pictured:  Bob Feis  |  Rod Blunck, Ed. D.


Pillars of Healing

Discover the PVMC Patient Experience

A different healing approach to nurture you.

Explore of Pillars Healing

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